48-hour Apps: from idea to prototype

48-hour Apps: from idea to prototype

What IBM's issues we address


Small number of registered Bluemix accounts across a customer organization


Customer doesn’t understand the value of Bluemix platform

Issues that Altoros can help with

– Activation bottleneck
– Developers have not been properly introduced to Bluemix
– A wrong belief that certain functionality is missing or impossible with Bluemix
– A wrong belief that Bluemix could not be used in conjunction with on-premise vCloud based services or applications already deployed to AWS, Azure


Small number of active Bluemix accounts. Developers’ accounts are idle


Lack of proof that Bluemix can deliver the advertised benefits

Issues that Altoros can help with

– Developers don’t see the benefits of Bluemix
– Developers don’t use the platform properly
– Developers don’t trust the platform
– Lack of skilled cloud-native developers
– Critical functionality is missing

Prototypes that work

Let our talented graphic designers and engineers turbocharge your opportunity

Your need

Tell us about yourself and the key features/components you would like to see materialized in a prototype

Give us 48 hours

We will create a fully-interactive high-fidelity working prototype

It is for real

You will use a working prototype running on real technology stacks (Node.js, Ruby on Rails, SQL/NoQSL Databases, etc)

Get a prototype in 48 hours for free

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