AI Strategy Consulting
Need to define an optimal AI strategy for your product or service?

Crowdsource the ideas from the data scientists community!

For free!

Benefits for you:

  • Receive community-proven AI model candidates
  • Have a number of approaches implemented and benchmarked
  • Get expert help in quick development of PoC based on the shortlisted AI models
  • Get expert help in developing the results into a production-grade system running on a Cloud

So, how will a data analytics competition operated by Altoros work exactly?

We take care of:

  • Developing a hypothesis on how to improve business processes with AI
  • Organizing the competition at Kaggle or a similar platform
  • Anonymizing data sets or making them publicly available
  • Accessing the required cloud infrastructure (requires moderate network and storage bandwidth)
  • Validating the results of the competition
  • Selecting the most efficient AI models

Power your business with the capabilities of artificial intelligence

From problem facing to MVP

Data analytics competition operated by Altoros

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