Backup 2 Taking advantage of Pivotal CF on vCHS

Backup 2 Taking advantage of Pivotal CF on vCHS

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Pivotal CF deployed on VMware vCHS

A short video displays how Pivotals CF can be installed across two regions in order to provide high availability of applications hosted there. It will give a brief idea about the components of PCF installed on vCHS and the way of managing the resources of both vCHS and local vCloud in a single interface. nnnnQuestions answered in the video:nn1) How to install Pivotal CF across two locations?n2) How to configure network for Pivotal CF on vCHS?n3) How to manage hybrid resources across public and private locations on vCHS?nnn
The video provides more information about Pivotal CF, its components and essential services in vCHS environment.nnQuestions answered in the video:nn1) What does installation of Pivotal CF on vCHS look like?n2) Installation of some Pivotal CF components on vCHS: Elastic Runtime, Rabbit MQ, MongoDB, MySQLnnn
The interface of the application monitoring dashboard is explained. The tool is being used in other videos to display the essential parameters of the application load, it location, and distribution. nnScaling and HA of the application will be demonstrated and explained with the help of the dashboard. Another part of the video demonstrates a deployment of an application to Pivotal CF which is hosted on vCHS. nnQuestions answered in the video:nn1) How to monitor the CPU utilization and RAM usage for an app in a Pivotal CF installation?n2) How to identify the location of an app instance in Pivotal CF?n3) How to deploy an application to Pivotal CF on vCHS?nnn
High load of an application will be demonstrated. The app will scale out according to the implemented algorithm. It will keep the CPU utilization in a “healthy” zone to be able to handle the increased traffic.nnnQuestions answered in the video:nn1) What are the options of responding to load increase in Pivotal CF?n2) Description of an algorithm and its implementation for an app scaling out.n3) How to see the list of apps deployed to Pivotal CF?n4) Making it work. Autoscaling demo.nn
The video will demonstrate the first level of disaster recovery. A machine failure will be simulated. The application dashboard will display how instances of an app are migrated to another machine in the same availability zone. nnQuestions answered in the video:n1) How to run multiple app instances on Pivotal CF?n2) What happens with the apps if a DEA that they run on fails?nn
The video will display a simulation of a datacenter failure. In that case the application will continue running under the same URL being loaded from the other location.nnQuestions answered in the video:nn1) How to install Pivotal CF on vCHS to make the apps highly available?n2) What are the external components helping to achieve the HA?n3) How the disaster in Pivotal CF can be emulated?n4) Is the application really highly available?nn

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