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Blockchain for Finance and Banking

The blockchain technology is rapidly becoming an in-demand solution in the banking industry as it provides transparency of financial operations, data safety, decentralization, and traceability. The technology helps banks and financial organizations manage efficient workflows as it facilitates proof of identity, reduces counterparty risks and establishes over-the-counter trading. It also enables delivery-versus-payment settlement and financial disputes resolution.

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Blockchain technology use cases in financial services

Securities transfer: implementation of functionality of the depository institution

  • Listing of securities on the trading platform
  • Matching of securities transfer instructions created by the Issuer and the Investor
  • Delivery vs. Payment check
  • Instant update of DEPO accounts of security holders
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Over-The-Counter (OTC) market: inter-bank P2P trading platform

  • The dashboard displaying bids & offers of market-makers, signed by their digital keys as firm proposals
  • Deals ledger as a common source of “truth”: immutable and transparent
  • “Private collections” function introduced in Hyperledger Fabric allowing to keep sensitive information private
  • Graphics indicating price & volume trends during the trading day
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