BOSH CLI Cheat Sheet

BOSH CLI Cheat Sheet

BOSH is an open-source tool chain that orchestrates the deployment process of distributed systems. It can be used to provision and deploy apps and services over several—even hundreds—VMs. BOSH can perform scaling, health monitoring, and recovery of failed instances, as well as provide updates with zero or near-zero downtime. It was originally designed to deploy Cloud Foundry, but can be used to package, install, and manage life cycle of other software.

Installing the BOSH Command Line Interface will grant you access to the components of BOSH and ensure efficient usage of your cloud deployments. To assist you in the process, this cheat sheet can help you to get familiar with:

  • basic BOSH terminology
  • pro tips on managing your deployments
  • commands to maintain / support a cluster
  • instructions on how to create a custom BOSH release

Before explaining how to bootstrap a cloud with BOSH, the document also introduces a DevOps engineer to MicroBOSH and BOSH Director.

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