This (BOT) model is specifically
directed at companies that are seeking to establish distributed
R&D operations, but which are not ready to invest a
large outlay before realizing the benefits of a dedicated
facility. The (BOT) model allows companies to set up operations
with minimal investment while leveraging a localized partner
who executes both a comprehensive build and operate program,
as well as implements IT best practices and subsequently
transfers the operation to client ownership.

Altoros functions as a partner that is responsible for
managing tactical needs and developing a path to strategic
results. During the build phase, Altoros provides strategic
consulting to address your business challenges, investment
analysis, and ROI objectives. During the Operate Phase Altoros
helps to track progress according to your plan, SLAs, and
ROI guarantees. Altoros reports and advises you on the work
in progress, and fine tunes the model in line with your
business priorities. After 2-3 years (typically) of operation,
when the center becomes a self-sustaining unit, Altoros
can transfer the center to your company. As a result, your
distributed and globally mobile team of experienced professionals
is available at any location worldwide. Through our global
network, fast response time, excellent quality, and competitive
rates, your team is truly with you everywhere.



Altoros recruits the technical
skills you need for the long term. Unlike typical project-oriented
outsourcing, we want you to retain and develop your human
capital. You control the projects and the allocation of
skills – our technologists become your employees,
a permanent extension of your staff, fully integrated into
your corporate culture. As a result, you can build and retain
knowledge, and increase productivity and time to market.
Altoros enables you to invest in
your technical team without the threat of losing them to
the next contract.

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