Cloud Foundry as a Service for Interactive Agencies

Cloud Foundry as a Service for Interactive Agencies

Altoros offers private, fully managed Cloud Foundry clusters at a per-server monthly fee that includes deployment, automation, support, and maintenance.

Get your own Heroku and cut the time needed for your concept to become a live app.

What is Cloud Foundry?

Cloud Foundry is an open source implementation of Heroku developed at Pivotal Labs and supported by IBM.

Altoros helps interactive agencies to acquire and retain high-value accounts with Cloud-Foundry-as-a-Service. Your IT & DevOps team will receive a white-label private Platform-as-a-Service based on Cloud Foundry, a leading open-source PaaS solution.

The CFaaS offering includes

Support for 50+ programming languages and frameworks (Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Scala, Python, Java, etc.)

Support for MySQL, PostreSQL, MongoDB, Redis, Riak, and Cassandra



Disaster recovery

A customer dashboard with your brand logo/look and feel

24/7 technical support

White-label managed service (optional)

Global 24/7 support and built-in maintenance from Altoros’s own 9 locations in 7 countries


Go from concept to deployment in 1 day

Significantly improve your bottom line

Offer one-click integration/testing/deployment to your entire team

Access all the latest Cloud Foundry technologies without any upfront cost

How does it improve the bottom line?

No capital outlay

A tax deductible monthly fixed fee based on the number of Cloud Foundry servers

Want to discuss how to grow your business with CFaaS?

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