Cloud Foundry provides businesses with everything they need to succeed

  • Speed

    Thousands of product releases per day
    The shortest path from concept to production: 10 seconds from code commit to release.
  • Scalability

    Out-of-the-box application scalability
    Automated application scaling for development teams. Out-of-the-box platform scalability and support for zero-downtime and enterprise-level SLAs.
  • Security

    Enterprise-level approach to security
    Full automation eliminating any chance of human error, integration with existing security systems, approaches based on modern standards and regulations.


Altoros has emerged as one of the largest teams of Cloud Foundry specialists in the market proficient in the open source Cloud Foundry technology and its commercial distributions like Pivotal Cloud Foundry or HPE Helion Stackato. We help companies reach their digital transformation goals through enablement, hardening, and operation of Cloud Foundry installations, including implementations for PaaS providers and organizations from highly-regulated industries.

Proof-of-Concept Deployment

Start small and evaluate how the platform can revamp your software delivery process—all without making sizable commitments. A working prototype developed by Altoros is key to securing a budget for a cloud-native platform initiative by demonstrating how one or several of your mission-critical apps can leverage the platform.

Full-Scale Implementation

Get a full-scale, production-ready Cloud Foundry installation deployed to the cloud infrastructure of your choice, with all required integrations set up and configured. Altoros will take care of the platform’s deployment repeatability and performance optimization, brokering, and support of the backing services your applications rely on.

Enhancement & Operations

Setting up a cloud platform and deploying apps is what everyone is talking about, but, in reality, most efforts are spent on maintenance, troubleshooting, platform enhancement, and various day two tasks. Altoros will make sure that your deployment is resilient, stable, and delivers maximum achievable performance with optimal resource utilization.


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