Cloud Foundry v3, Diego, Docker – Workshop and Demo

Cloud Foundry v3, Diego, Docker – Workshop and Demo


Part 1: Cloud Foundry vs Docker vs Diego:

  • Containers vs Cloud Foundry PaaS
  • Docker vs Cloud Foundry Diego
  • Docker vs Cloud Foundry
  • Cloud Foundry Diego vs Fig vs Docker Swarm

Part 2: Who is using containers in production?

  • The dark side of AWS when it comes to Cloud Foundry.
  • Examples of Cloud Foundry clusters in AWS, OpenStack & vCloud.
  • Cloud Foundry Case Studies in Fortune 500 (1 x Technology, 1 x Pharma, 1x Financial Services).

Part 3: Driving adoption of Cloud Foundry in a large organization:

  • What not to expect from CF.
  • Anatomy of 5 stages of Cloud Foundry adoption in a large organization.
  • Developer pushback!? What works vs doesn’t.

Part 4: Operating Cloud Foundry

How much resources and $ does it take to operate your own CF?

  • Ops team sizing.
  • Cluster sizing.
  • Metrics to measure success of Cloud Foundry program

Part 5: Cloud Foundry Diego – demo of clustered Diego + Docker

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