Need Private and Hybrid Cloud Integration Solutions?

Need Private and Hybrid Cloud Integration Solutions?

According to Gartner, the biggest group of assets for IT and technology, education, manufacturing, business services, and government organizations is infrastructure. In a typical enterprise, it consumes 60% to 70% of the IT operating budget. Moving to cloud and virtualized infrastructure is an alternative to wasting money on expensive hardware and software.

Altoros believes that your company may face several challenges:

  • Your IT infrastructure is too costly;
  • Your business is exposed to seasonal fluctuations and you want to pay as you go;
  • You need to use your hardware pool more efficiently;
  • Your hardware needs constant upgrade while your business grows;
  • Your large-scale company requires the optimization of the workstations maintenance and costs reduction;
  • You, finally, want to benefit from innovations.

Cloud infrastructure enables you to:

  • Scale up/down the capacities according to your business needs;
  • Adopt IT subsystems faster;
  • Pay for the software you actually use instead of buying idle licenses;
  • Reduce costs on IT subsystems operation and maintenance;
  • Focus on your business goals instead of maintaining you IT infrastructure.

Focused Cloud Integration Services:

  • Virtualization of CAD/CAM applications
  • Adapting or porting your applications to a target cloud
  • Building private and hybrid cloud infrastructure from scratch
  • Incorporating cloud solutions into existing IT infrastructure

We employ highly skilled certified specialists with hands-on experience in building dynamic data centers, as well as, deploying private/hybrid clouds.

We partner with the leading cloud providers but, unlike other companies, we don’t have any bounding agreements with cloud vendors, therefore, we select a solution that better suits your business goals.


Not sure if the Cloud right for your business?

Everyone is talking about cloud computing, but overall can my business utilize these technologies and how does Altoros specify an objective and impartial decision making?

Altoros now offers a free analysis of the company’s IT infrastructure in order to make a 100% independent assessment of your current infrastructure.

Request your free assessment below and receive an executive report with:

  • Cost-benefit analysis of your current infrastructure vs. virtual or cloud infrastructure
  • Expert advice on how you could add more scalability and flexibility to your IT infrastructure
  • Independent analysis of Cloud Computing Platforms prepared by Altoros R&D team

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