Container Orchestration Tools Enablement

Container Orchestration Tools Enablement

From Proof-of-Concept to Enterprise-wide Transformation
Container enablement of applications is shaping the future of software development. Picking the technology to use for managing containers across servers is the number one decision enterprises have to make to embrace container simplicity, consistency, modularity, and cloud portability.

Container orchestration tools we work with

  • Kubernetes

    A production-ready, open source platform designed with Google's accumulated experience in container orchestration, combined with best-of-breed ideas from the community.

  • DC/OS [Mesos]

    A production-grade, cloud-agnostic platform freeing IT from labor-intensive operations. Users can choose between a free version and a paid plan. The paid version offers more advanced functionality with a focus on security, multi-tenancy, networking and storage.

Services we offer

We offer professional container orchestration tools enablement, which includes:

  • Platform selection based on the company’s infrastructure and business needs
  • Infrastructure preparation: setup from scratch or optimization of existing infrastructures
  • Deployment and configuration of the selected container orchestration platform
  • Optimization of existing solutions in line with the company’s business needs
  • Developer and operator training, onboarding to the platform
  • Support of the deployed and existing installations

Support Plans

Pay-Pre-Incident Package

You are just starting with container orchestration tools and don’t call for enduring coverage, but want the comfort of knowing that any time you have an issue you can rely on an expert to solve it on a pay-per-incident basis

Interaction Channel
Email & Phone
Annual Incidents
Response Time
Within 1 Hour (Initial)
No Up Front Costs
Hourly Rate

Professional subscription

You are using with container orchestration tools to accommodate mission-critical production workloads on a regular basis, and your support backing has to be decent, all-inclusive, and consistent.

Business Hours (Local) / 24x7x365
Interaction Channel
Email, Tickets, Phone
Annual Incidents
Response Time
Within 1 Hour (Initial)
Package based

Container Orchestration Tools Detailed Comparison

Kubernetes Open source free version
DC/OS Open source free version
Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS Commercial paid version



Open source free version


(based on Apache Mesos)

Open source free version

Mesosphere Enterprise DC/OS

(based on Apache Mesos)

Commercial paid version

Virtual networks with IP
per container
Network Isolation
Security Groups
Container orchestration
Distributed fault tolerant jobs
scheduler (Cron)
Service discovery
Cluster state healing
3rd party monitoring integration
(through DC/OS Metrics API)
Platform monitoring (out of the box)
Availability GPU as a resource
(original Mesos container)
External volumes to app
Fine-grained access control to logging, metrics
Support docker containers
App-level logging
App-level metrics
App status checking/healing
App scaling: auto
App scaling: manual
App load-balancer
App marketplace(out of the box)
(official +
(official +
CLI (out of the box)
Web-UI [dashboard]
Multi-user identity and authentication
Identity management integration
(Active Directory/LDAP)
Role-Based Access Control
for containers, jobs, and data servic
Secrets management
Security audit
(basic audit capabilities)
Security Context (system security settings
(uid, gid, capabilities,
SELinux role, etc..))
Multitenancy and SSO
.NET Support
(Alpha feature)
(experimental support)
(experimental support)
Typical Scenario of Workflow push container push app or container push app or container copy
Support containers Docker container Original Mesos container
DC/OS Universal Container
Docker container
Original Mesos container
DC/OS Universal Container
Docker container

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