Private Data Science Training for Your Team

Private Data Science Training for Your Team

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    Build custom Data Science program specific to your team's needs

    On-site at your office
    Tailor-made to fit your level and needs

    Design your custom program by choosing appropriate topics to meet the needs of your team.

    This tailored course is intended for Software Engineers, Data Analysts, Data Engineers and all the others who are planning to bootstrap and operate predictive models in research and production.

    It will help your team understand how everything fits together to run artificial intelligence applications and learn how to start from data understanding, continue with feature engineering, and end up creating a production-grade machine learning model.

    Why Enroll

    Understand how to leverage your data to forecast future events and behaviors to discover deeper business insights

    Get practical skills required to spin up predictive analytics pipeline

    Learn how to successfully architect, develop and manage Data Science projects

    Design Your Training Agenda

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    Section 1. Machine Learning
    Section 2. Data Science Applications
    Section 3. Deep Learning
    Section 4. Big Data
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    Our Trainers

    Our Customers

    Customers Speak

    Biggest value of the course? Combination of conceptual and practical contents. Also, shared personal experiences and views were particularly valuable. .
    Arpad RozsasNeural Networks and Deep Learning course in Madrid
    Great experience. Very knowledgeable and friendly trainers. Biggest value of the course -Practical examples/issues the trainers provided based on their experience
    Ramesh BalasubramanianMachine and Deep Learning training in San Diego
    What did I like most at the training? Both high level and the details of machine learning
    Gavin LiuMachine Learning training in Washington DC
    The most enjoyable was deep neural nets and seeing some of the largest examples. The most valuable thing professionally will probably be the classification clustering that I have learned K-NN probably.
    MarkMachine Learning training in Washington DC

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    Natalia Usenia
    Training Coordinator
    830 Stewart Dr., Suite 119 Sunnyvale, CA 94085

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