Early-Stage ISVs

Early-Stage ISVs

Focused Solution for Early-Stage Software Companies

There’s more pressure than ever for today’s early-stage software companies to get their products to market first. We’ve worked with brand name companies to implement flexible approaches designed specifically for the special concerns of software companies.

Increased customer demands and the rapidly changing landscape of the software business require very short release cycles in order for your software business to succeed.

The window of opportunity for your new product is probably limited to 12-24 months. Therefore, “first-to-market” is the mantra of today’s software providers. It places enormous strain on the quality of the software. In many instances the need to balance the creativity of software development with hard-nosed business realities is the key to market acceptance.

Meet your engineering challenges with Altoros

With Altoros, you can balance the three most important business and engineering priorities you face every day:

  • Deliver quality products and innovate faster than the competition
  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Increase shareholder value

Altoros gives you the power and flexibility to:

  • Shorten time-to-market timeframes.
  • Rapidly narrow the gap between what the customer needs and what the software delivers by increasing functionality, adaptability, usability, and manageability
  • Improve product quality by using the testing and validation services of an independent team with specialized skills, and create a “complete” team focused on delivering a zero-defect “complete product.”
  • Constantly increase software development efficiencies and productivity, create and consolidate software assets into reusable components and blocks
  • Increase market share and customer/partner retention by focusing on the strategic activities and the core business
  • Leverage a thoughtful and balanced offshore strategy

To see if this can help your business or to find out more, click here for a program overview and its components and recieve a free copy of “Proven IT Outsourcing: Russian Perspective”

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