Engagement Models

Engagement Models

Many considerations go into making an informed decision about
the best offshore engagement model for your organization. Altoros
provides expert guidance to companies looking to negotiate their
way down the path of a long-term offshore strategy that may
or may not include the eventual set up of their own offshore

Altoros offers a range of engagement
or business models as a defined starting point, and we work
with you to find the best fit for:

  • The type of offshore work you require
  • The size and estimated growth rate of the offshore team
  • Your immediate business objectives (i.e. reduce time-to-market, reduce
    costs, or augment skill sets)
  • Your long-term goals

We strive to make this a profitable exercise for your organization
and for Altoros, and take a super-flexible approach that often
includes a mix of models across several projects.

The basic engagement models are:

  • Project-Based Services
  • Extended Team
  • Build-Operate-Transfer

Unique Advantage

We are uniquely tuned in to the needs of ISVs, and can easily
support starting with a small team and growing seamlessly over
time. We have successfully leveraged bringing project managers
for knowledge transfer to distributed locations instead of sending
multiple teams to the US. This is far more effective for more
technically complex projects, and saves customers valuable time,
money, and management overhead.

Altoros gives you the clear benefit of greater executive mindshare.
We offer more flexibility to work towards common goals without
getting bogged down in red tape and long decision cycles. Altoros’s
executives are experienced, solution-oriented, collaborative,
and committed to seeing your offshore operation succeed.

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