Evaluation and Planning

Evaluation and Planning

Come prepared for your digital transformation journey

At Altoros, every project we tackle starts with an evaluation and planning phase. We offer the strategic advice, guidance, and technical expertise required to assess the current state of your IT infrastructure, elicit requirements, detect limitations, provide recommendations on suggested improvements, and spot opportunities for growth.

Gathering requirements and determining objectives

Whatever encourages you to fast-track to a digital-native culture today—the need for speed, necessity to cut costs, or commitment to keep up with the changing market needs—you always start from where your yesterday’s technological decisions took you to. Cloud architects at Altoros will thoroughly analyze the current state of your infrastructure and technology landscape to gather functional and operational requirements, see how they align with the current business goals, and propose a technological solution.

Evaluating the existing technology choices

  • Detect ways to optimize IaaS footprint
  • Spot opportunities to leverage multi-cloud
  • Evaluate existing log aggregation and monitoring solutions
Recommended action
  • Outline options based on your company’s infrastructure and business needs
  • Select the best fitting application/container platform
Recommended product/ technology
  • Gather requirements on what services and databases are required for current workloads
  • Estimate the effort required for integration with external services
  • Estimate the effort required to build a broker and automate deployment of the service
Implementation roadmap
  • Analyze the application portfolio and triage applications according to their business value
  • Assess portability of the applications that need to be migrated in the first place
  • Estimate the time and effort required to replatform the applications
Portfolio portability assessment

Scope and backlog planning, setting the priorities

A full-scale implementation scope is generally centered around:


  • Infrastructure provisioning and management
  • CI/CD and deployment automation
  • Configuration-as- code for platform components, backing services and applications


  • Full-stack deployment monitoring
  • Custom parsing rules, dashboards, and alerts
  • Log management suite installation


  • Load balancing and high availability of the infrastructure, platform, apps, and services
  • Data integrity with regular automated backups


  • Data encryption: at rest and in motion
  • Secrets management
  • Certificate management
  • Compliance with industry security standards (HIPAA, PCI DSS, etc.)

As a result of the evaluation and planning activities, the customer gets a well-defined scope of work necessary to set the digital transformation of their company in train.

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