Hadoop/SQL/NoSQL as a Competitive Advantage for IaaS

Hadoop/SQL/NoSQL as a Competitive Advantage for IaaS

Over half of big data initiatives in enterprise IT begin as 10-50 node pilot projects hosted in public clouds. According to Cloudera, a typical enterprise customer doubles the size of their production Hadoop cluster every 12 months. To compete against Amazon, Google, and Microsoft in this highly lucrative market, IaaS providers must offer something more than just lower prices. Only revolutionary services, like one-click deployment of on-demand multi-node Hadoop/SQL/NoSQL clusters from a Web browser, could help to beat the competition and justify the premium asked for the added value.


Win more enterprise customers with on-demand big data services

Serving technology leaders, such as RightScale, Joyent, and others, Altoros delivers top-notch industry knowledge that can help IaaS providers to build, maintain, and support enterprise-level big data offerings:

  • Hadoop-as-a-Service implementation (supported distributions: Cloudera, HortonWorks, MapR, and PivotalHD)
  • NoSQL/SQL-as-a-Service implementation (supported databases: Cassandra, Couchbase, MySQL, MongoDB, PostreSQL, Redis, and Riak)
  • Training for IaaS
  • Deployment automation
  • Testing
  • Integration with billing
  • Sales enablement (proof of concept and related professional services)
  • White-label 2nd level support


Benefits to your company:

Accelerate enterprise sales Become one of the deployment options of choice for thousands of pilot big data implementations across the Fortune 5000.
Reduce time-to-market Avoid common pitfalls and launch your services faster than competitors using Altoros’s vast expertise in Hadoop-as-a-Service and Databases-as-a-Service.
Expand enterprise accounts Create added value by integrating your Hadoop solution with other software. Automate deployment and administration, enable cluster monitoring, and/or add custom features, etc.


Building enterprise-level systems since 2001:

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  • Altoros is a 250+ team with hands-on experience in Hadoop distributed computing, SQL/NoSQL data stores, and cloud systems.
  • 20+ successfully deployed Hadoop clusters—the largest cluster deployed by Altoros’s engineers consisted of 400+ nodes.
  • You will get access to 100+ professional data scientists who work for the most reputable universities in Eastern Europe.
  • Our R&D engineers performed multiple benchmark studies of Hadoop implementations, NoSQL databases, and cloud systems published by CIO.com, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, TechWorld, and other industry magazines.

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