How we engage? Quality.

How we engage? Quality.

Converting Wishful Thinking into Reality

Technology centered
companies understand that software quality doesn’t come
from a marketing stamp. Quality
comes from talented, trained, committed individuals; expert,
engaged project leaders; solid engineering principles; and
appropriate development processes. Software companies need
flexibility, rapid reaction time, realtime status reporting
and granular project control to maximize their returns on
their offshore investment.

Altoros provides all of this and more into a proven delivery framework and
brings together these tools, processes, and practices deliver
the true offshore value proposition. We understand quality
expectations of the market and the end user.

Altoros provides QA service that enable its clients to achieve the following:

  • Increased
    reliability, scalability
    and peace of mind through commercial- grade software quality
  • Reduction in re-work and debugging costs
  • On-time delivery with dependable quality assurance
  • Higher customer satisfaction

Altoros service
model has three unique characteristics:

  • A process that focuses on improving software development efficiencies
  • A methodology
    that creates and consolidates software assets into components
    that could be leveraged across organizational structure
    to support rapid delivery of high quality applications
  • A highly disciplined
    and balanced development approach
    derived from
    the Rational Unified Process™, concepts of Extreme
    Programming and Agile Modeling, that has been adapted to
    meet the specifics of on- site/off- site/offshore distributed
    software product development.


Roadmap to Successful Global Software Development

The Altoros framework organizes
people, teams, and all development activity in a coherent,
concise manner, emphasizing the role of the individual in
improving outcomes and the process itself. Altoros separates
out individual achievement to motivate individual excellence,
and unites the team by improving communication and team
member accountability. The result is ultra- motivated team
players who are hungry for success and accountable to the
entire team for their actions. This combination is unbeatable
in the software world.

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