Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)

Independent Software Vendors are constantly under pressure to deliver their products to market first, supplement their development teams, re-balance their development priorities in order to accelerate revenue generation, lower total cost of ownership and increase shareholder value.

Whether you are an early-staged, mid-sized, or large Independent Software Vendor (ISV), outsourced product development is on your agenda for many different reasons. Cost reduction is typically the basis for outsourced product development, but the big picture for ISVs and ASPs is to build and maintain your customer base by constant innovation. Having the right strategic offshore roadmap and governance model is critical.

Shortening time-to-market timeframes with increased customer demands and very short release cycles requires a release management plan that optimizes usage of the product development team.

Customer Satisfaction and domain expertise.
Product companies focusing on specific business and vertical domains are able to differentiate their products only by addressing domain-specific requirements and unique impact zones. This requires ISVs to attract and retain more domain specialists.

Core/non-core teams. Product companies need to focus their core team on innovation and new product engineering and leverage non-core team to maintain older products and its versions.

Quality. Third-party validation and testing services get traction among ISVs. They realize that software testing requires an independent team and specialized skills. It creates a “complete” team focused on delivering a zero-defect “complete product”.

ISVs can reach many tactical and strategic goals by outsourcing such R&D activities to an external partner in order to better manage product quality, time-to-market, and resource optimization.

By partnering with Altoros, our ISV clients have been able to bring software products to market months ahead of their competitors, gain up to 10x development effectiveness, productivity, and software quality, and reduce their cost of development.

Altoros is laser-focused on serving software product companies and helps them innovate better by overcoming these challenges through its specialized service offerings. Altoros has a proven track record in partnering with ISVs during some or all phases of the product engineering lifecycle. Altoros’s team can quickly adapt your software engineering methodologies and compliment your team as early as the planning/requirements phase, and participate during multiple phases of development and support –  Product Engineering, Product Release Management, Quality Assurance, Product Maintenance, and Support.

Altoros delivers focused solutions:

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