Information-Driven Enterprises

Information-Driven Enterprises

With industry
analyst firm Gartner Inc. stating that more than 50% of
enterprise outsourcing fails, the approach and execution
of your outsourcing decisions are critical. Companies are
challenged to get a handle on their application portfolio
and to be able to effectively make decisions about which
applications should be outsourced offshore, which should
remain insourced, upgraded, or retired, and other factors,
such as the right partner, place, team, approach, and value.

With Altoros, you can balance the seven most important
IT priorities you face every day:

  • Organize your portfolio and staff to
    achieve return and business value
  • Increase responsiveness to dynamic
    business needs
  • Continuously align IT with business
  • Manage and invest based upon value
  • Align resources and dollars to existing
    assets and new portfolio initiatives
  • Balance risk, value, and quality
  • Effectively measure and monitor portfolio
    decisions and results

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