IT Solutions for Interactive Agencies

IT Solutions for Interactive Agencies

In the past few years, the advertising industry has seen incredible changes in the media landscape. In order to retain account leadership and ownership, interactive agencies have to focus on rapidly empowering its Web-driven and social media capabilities.

Challenges faced by interactive agencies:

  • The need to accelerate project delivery cycles and speed up social network development
  • Limited in-house resources have to support high-paced delivery of Web-driven customer initiatives during all phases
  • Quickly-changing customer budget structures call for a flexible pool of Web / social network developers across multiple technologies

Altoros can help by assembling a highly-perfoming team of architects, designers, developers, and quality assurance engineers across Silverlight/.NET, Ruby on Rails, PHP/Python, Adobe Flex/Flash and AJAX/JSON, and most popular APIs (expertise in MySpace, Bebo, Twitter, LinkedIn, OpenSocial, and Facebook development).

Why Altoros?

  • Altoros has worked with the leading community marketers to improve the level of customer engagement through social and community participation.
  • Partnership with Altoros has helped its customers gain access to 130+ Web developers and QA engineers who have niche social network development expertise gained during delivery of 80+ Web and social media projects.
  • Altoros has helped Hewlett-Packard to implement a highly-viral marketing campaign “Resolutionaries” with the goal of engaging consumers in a “word-of-mouth” photo-sharing contest using the Flickr platform.
  • By partnering with Altoros, professional services teams at Autodesk and Banta Integrated Media successfully accelerated project velocity for such customers as Lennar Homes, The City of Fort Worth, and Hewlett-Packard.

Relevant Altoros Experience

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