IP Security

IP Security

Protecting Your Assets

From day one, Altoros was built
in the US with the help of well-known American veterans
of the software industry, specifically to package its services
in a way that makes sense for software vendors and hi-tech
product companies. Altoros’s management team has a track
record of developing very successful patented technologies
– they understand, respect, and protect your IP rights.

Strict Control

In addition to injecting stricter controls
and regulations into the management of clients’ IP,
we prevent inadvertent information leaks by educating our
developers, managers, and other personnel on what IP is
and why it is necessary to closely guard all client information.

Supporting this is a clearly laid out framework
of guidelines, practices, and rules that are specific to
protecting and securing the intellectual property assets
of our clients. It spans building management, network security,
HR practices, employee conduct, corporate conduct, and the
legal structure of our company.

Secure Infrastructure

With a single centralized offshore location,
Altoros’s clients know at all times where their software
is, the conditions it is being developed under, and who
has access to it. Altoros is able to provide a more secure
and controlled environment because the infrastructure was
built for this purpose and we fully own it.

Protecting your assets is not just an afterthought
at Altoros. We have crafted a rock solid business model
around the unique needs of software companies, and we guarantee
exceptional management of your patents, trade secrets, source
code, copyrights, and data. We have built Altoros around
high ideals and tougher security standards than other service
companies because we know first-hand how vital IP is to
product companies.

We do more than comply with international
standards – we ensure we protect your assets.

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