Kubernetes enablement

Reduce deployment time
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Increase the speed from idea to deployment with Kubernetes — a free open-source container orchestration solution. As a Kubernetes adept, Altoros delivers full-scale solutions for Fortune 500 enterprise companies, enabling them with resilient, highly available deployments and transforming the future of software development.Talk to our expert

Fully managed Kubernetes solutions

Speed up development by adapting the most advanced container orchestration tool at the moment!
Assessment and strategy planning
Kubernetes enablement
Application containerization and migration
Assessment and strategy planning
  • Evaluating current workflows and workloads
  • Developing a strategy and improvement guidelines to eliminate flows in both a development life cycle and a technology stack
  • Train your team to upgrade their skills, thus speeding up the onboarding
Kubernetes enablement
  • Solution design in compliance with your needs
  • Infrastructure planning and provisioning
  • Kubernetes architecture design and enablement
  • CI/CD pipelines setup to ensure dynamic management of each solution component
  • Implementation of logging and monitoring solutions
  • Security provisioning
  • Backup strategies
Application containerization and migration
  • Legacy applications refactoring to enable them in a cloud-native environment, making sure they comply with the 12-factor app principles
  • Transforming your application architecture by converting it to microservices
  • Applications encapsulation into containers
  • Implementing the strategy of migrating containerized applications to Kubernetes
  • Monitoring solution implementation to detect and resolve possible issues before they affect the business
  • Custom-fit backup/recovery solutions integration
  • Support subscription plans based on a “ticket-response” system tuned to your requirements
  • A 3-day Fundamentals hands-on training, covering essential skills required for Kubernetes deployment and daily operations
  • A 4-day Deep Dive hands-on training, covering advanced Kubernetes deployment techniques and operation tasks for managing Kubernetes clusters

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Kubernetes kubectl CLI Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet encloses first-aid commands to configure the CLI, to manage a cluster, and to gather information from it.

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