Open Standards & Open Source

Open Standards & Open Source

Do you keep track of Linux’s adoption rate?

reports continue to validate the fast-growing adoption
rate of Linux in enterprise deployments. Reports published
by IDC and Forrester point to the continued strong
growth of Linux. In a recent report published by Forrester
– Linux has not only moved into the mainstream,
but many enterprises have now adopted Linux for running
“Mission Critical” applications. The IDC
report went on to point out the most dramatic growth
will be for Linux-based servers. The use and adoption
of Linux will grow at a rate of 47% and will reach
$3.23 billion this year.

are looking for answers to “hurdles” that
are preventing large scale adoption of Open Source
Software and the ISVs that can provide answers to
these stand to win really big in the next few years,
as the focus in enterprise budgets shifts towards
spending on services rather than on licenses.

But despite these, the
Open Source movement is entering the enterprise
IT environment faster than was projected in the
last 2-3 years. There are several reasons contributing
to this relative success, some of which are: the
support the Open Source community is getting from
large ISVs; the benefit of free or low cost software;
access to source code to customize better; freedom
from vendor lock-in; and other reasons.

In the near future,
an Open Source strategy will be part of every ISV’s
development and marketing plan, whether or not they
adopt Open Source practices and distribution methods.
How far to adapt and how much to resist will depend
on the individual ISV’s understanding of the strengths
and limitations of the development and business
models associated with Open Source, and the steps
needed to control the risks.

ISVs should
not view Open Source as an either/or battle with proprietary
software vendors; rather, Open Source is about understanding
the value that a higher degree of openness and collaboration
can bring to the business. For many software and technology-centered
companies, now is the time to get started with Open
Source. It is a business decision that should be factored
into IT strategy. Wise companies will manage and leverage
Open Source, not ignore it.

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