Open Standards/Open Source Value Proposition

Open Standards/Open Source Value Proposition

Open Standards/Open Source Value Proposition

The success and longevity of Open Source lies in how it can satisfy the typical enterprise application attributes such as:

  • Can it support mission-critical operations?
  • Is it reliable for a 24×7 operation?
  • Is it secure?
  • Can it interoperate with existing software?
  • Does it bring any competitive advantage?

Value Proposition

In today’s world of limited product development resources, the idea of Open Source technology as a viable platform is here to stay. The challenge: how to make Open Source technologies work for you, with your product or in your application environment. In many of today’s product development and IT settings, building products or solutions based on Open Source technology is approached with caution.
While most IT outsourcing service providers have experience approaching IT application development, a very few companies truly understand both Open Source and commercial software product imperatives. Altoros Systems was established to help software and technology-centered companies to bridge this chasm.
  • Altoros has helped ISVs co-develop applications and can act as a link between the Open Source community and the ISV across all stages.
  • For enterprise customers Altoros can provide reliable, scalable, high performance, secure, and cost effective Open Source solutions.
  • Altoros has a neutral approach and uses best-fit Open Source web development platforms, languages and scripts, servers, and collaborative platforms to fulfill your needs.

Open Source Excellence Center: Benefits

Altoros Systems has assembled a world-class roster of Open Source pioneers and professionals along with software product development experts with years of experience. We are intimately familiar with Open Source and what is necessary to design, develop, and maintain commercial products. Our services are designed to assist in all your product development needs.
With knowledgeable and experienced staff, Altoros can provide you not only with the talent to assist you in developing or augmenting your product, by incorporating new features more rapidly and without permanently increasing your staff, but also the experience and wisdom to make sure it’s done right the first time. By the use of Open Source technologies, you can:
  • Dramatically decrease the product development cycle
  • Reduce the associated costs of product development
  • Enhance your products features/capabilities
  • Deliver highly-skilled Open Source experts to augment your development team
  • Generate incremental revenue by expanding the market reach of your products

Product Development Services

  • Open Source based Strategic Product Planning
  • Device driver development/enhancement
  • Custom Linux development/integration including reliability and scalability features
  • Application Porting
  • Product Testing and Assessment
  • Application Performance Characterization, Tuning, and Optimization
  • Product Development utilizing Open Source technologies

The Altoros Open Source excellence center focuses on the creation and modification of Open Source software to suit various business needs. Altoros can handle all your project requirements, which include development, migration, and integration.

The Open Source development team has significant expertise and experience in many areas including device drivers, kernel modification, embedded systems, network protocol development, and web applications.

What makes Altoros different?

  • Proven track record developing products for ISVs and technology-centered companies
  • Focused on commercial product lifecycle services
  • Expertise at core technology levels, not just on application layers
  • Transfer Best Practices and unique solutions to help enhance productivity in distributed environment
  • Respect and protect Intellectual Property Rights of our clients

Altoros delivers focused solutions:

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