PaaS Revenue Acceleration

PaaS Revenue Acceleration

With the global cloud services market maturing at an alarming pace, cloud service providers need to move quickly to stake out a market presence in services above and as high as possible from “commodity” elastic compute, storage, and network—before the window of opportunity closes. But that can be difficult if your marketing staff is fully occupied managing your existing service portfolio, launching new cloud services, or revamping your channel for the cloud.

Accelerate your time to market and time to revenue by 30%–50%

That is where Altoros PaaS Revenue Acceleration Services comes in. This suite of services is designed specifically to accelerate your time to market for launching new PaaS cloud services using Cloud Foundry and a marketplace powered by Juju Charms. It also helps to make the new services profitable as quickly as possible.

Using competitive hosting market analysis, workshops, and a growing collection of software tools used by service providers to repatriate customers away from AWS (as of 2014, Altoros maintains 23 tools in its collection), Altoros PaaS Revenue Acceleration Services will provide you with the market intelligence, best practices, and go-to-market expertise you need to take full advantage of the SMB cloud services market opportunity.

We will apply the expertise we have gained from working with 2 out of 3 largest cloud providers in the US, to help you make maximum use of all possible channels and routes to market, while at the same time assisting you in creating a portfolio and customer experience that will set you apart from the competition. As a result, you will increase profits, accelerate time to revenue by anywhere from 30% to 50%, and significantly grow your subscriber base.

Focus on the right services

Determine the right services to offer, including the right delivery model (private, hybrid, or syndicated) for each service in your portfolio.

Make use of best practices

Get critical business thinking and practices developed over more than 200 Altoros’s automation deployments, plus extensive SMB market research.

Grow your subscriber base

Analyze your sales channel model and buyer/reseller experience to identify ways to increase your profits and grow your subscriber base.


Benefits for cloud service providers:

Quickly identify ways to profit from the SMB market opportunity

Grow your customer base by leveraging all available channels for tapping new markets and acquiring new customers

Increase your average revenue per user (ARPU) with activities such as post-launch assessments, channel reviews, analyses of processes for bringing new customers onboard (incl. cross-selling and upselling them), and release planning support

Get deliverables and workshops that will accelerate your time to market and shorten your time to revenue by 30 to 50%


Customers speak:

“In the development of CloudPaaS, NephoScale chose to partner with Altoros, a leading Cloud Foundry systems integrator and consulting firm. NephoScale’s CloudPaaS will be one of the industry’s first fully managed, 24/7 supported, SLA-backed private PaaS offerings based on Cloud Foundry 2.0.”

Bruce Templeton, CEO of NephoScale

“Altoros helped Elim Biopharm explore the benefits of Amazon Web Services to automate analysis of DNA sequencing data and design a disaster recovery plan.”

Yilin Zhang, CEO of Elim Biopharmaceuticals, Inc.

Want to accelerate time to market and time to revenue?

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