Performance Benchmark: MongoDB over NetApp E-Series

Performance Benchmark: MongoDB over NetApp E-Series

New-generation data storage products, such as NetApp E-series, enable NoSQL environments to maintain the highest levels of performance and uptime. The E-Series is designed to handle the most extreme application workloads with low latencies, leveraging the solid-state disk (SSD) and SAS drive technologies.

This 25-page research paper embodies performance test results of a sharded MongoDB cluster over NetApp E-Series E5600 under the three scenarios:

  • All-SSD drives (equivalent to an EF560)
  • HDD drives employing SSD drives for read acceleration (SSD Read Cache)
  • E5600 configured with Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) for enhanced recovery times when a drive fails (performance on failure)

The performance / recovery after disk failure test results are illustrated in 16 graphs.

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