Part 2: Early-Stage ISV Program Components

Part 2: Early-Stage ISV Program Components

Program Components:

Phase 1. Assessment and Strategic Outsourcing Roadmap Plan

What’s getting
in the way of your success? Is it time-to-market? Market
share? Cost overruns? An ineffective product road map? Lack
of group consensus? Or maybe you’re not quite clear just
what the problem is.

Many companies
think they know what their problems are, only to later learn
that the issue is merely a symptom and the problem lies
deeper. We help you get to the core of the problem. Identifying
improvements that will yield exponential payback is what
our assessment approach is all about. We assess
your technology platform, development infrastructure, and
processes, and share with you our specific experiences and
expertise relevant to you. During this environmental assessment
we gather information on the mission and goals of your business,
the obstacles to achieving these goals, and the overall
operating environment – adding another layer of data to
understand what influences product development and to uncover
potential improvement initiatives.

We combine all
of the data and analysis gathered during the environmental,
project history, and benchmark assessments to develop working
plans that detail the improvement priorities and outline
how to move forward with the recommended improvements.

If you want to
discover how well you prepared for outsourcing and how it
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2. Team Selection

While we work
with you as an extension of your team, selecting a team – specifically
an experienced offshore Project Manager – is of critical
importance. We select and match the team to your culture,
operating philosophy, processes, and most importantly, we
find a team with relevant experience and domain expertise.

3. Metrics Selection

For companies
hoping to improve performance and develop effective product
strategies, having the right metrics in place is critical
for moving your organization or company forward and reducing
the daily fire-fighting that takes place in many software

Getting more
from less is a common mantra in today’s competitive hi-tech
software market. All too often you are asked to reduce cycle
times, enhance product quality, and cut product development
costs. Too often you spend your day fighting fires, wading
through piles of information that never give you an accurate
picture of performance, only to ultimately learn that the
processes in place are not helping you to achieve the results
you need.

At Altoros, we’ve
helped many clients enhance their Metrics programs – getting
at “the critical few” metrics by simplifying the
measurement of software product development initiatives
and by taking the guesswork out of managing by using early
indicators of problems.

Based on years
of practical experience in software product development,
Altoros has identified the key interplay between metrics
and results, and what it takes to achieve them.

At this stage Altoros:

  • Delivers a set of measurement goals
  • Identifies the critical people needed for rapid progress
  • Sets both results metrics (targets for improvement and motivating change) and predictive metrics (to manage change week-by-week)
  • Develops a system of governance for reviewing and managing metrics
  • Monitors the governance system

Engagement Model Selection

Choosing an offshore
partner has similar strategic importance to choosing the
members of your core team. Altoros is proud of the long-
standing relationships that still continues with many of
the early stage ISVs. These relationships typically start
on a project basis and graduate to a dedicated offshore
engineering team quickly.

Apart from the
traditional model of time and material, for projects that
are well-defined, we take the responsibility of delivering
on a fixed cost, within a stipulated time frame, and with
industry-leading quality-of-service levels.

Product Lifecycle Management and Processes Strategy Development

We understand
that in an early stage environment schedules are tight and
specifications evolve rapidly.

Altoros will
benchmark your product development capabilities against
our database of best-in-class practices. Our unique approach
not only gives you a deep understanding of the issues, it
also fosters consensus throughout critical functions and
helps you unfreeze the old mold and re-freeze the new mold.

During this stage we will help you:

  • Effectively manage change and protect critical strategic assets
  • Continuously ensure quality across the software development lifecycle
  • Focus on architecture to develop more resilient systems
  • Adopt iterative development practices that reduce project

The result: a
more proficient development team, and a more responsive,
resilient, and focused business.

Best Practices Selection

We have developed
several Best Practices for providing the right software
product lifecycle services for early-stage ISVs and these
are built on our 5+ years of working with early-stage ISVs
in the onsite/offsite/offshore/model. These Best Practices
make it easy, reliable, and predictable for ISVs that are
considering using offshore services for the first time,
or have not had a positive ROI experience in the past.

Kick-off start: Quick ramp up and down

Partnership with
Altoros provides you the flexibility of ramping up the project
team to meet unanticipated needs. We can augment your offshore
project team with additional resources quickly on a project
basis when needed, and transition them out when the project
finishes. Since we manage the ramp up and ramp down from
our full-time in-house resources. The knowledge and experience
are preserved within Altoros and can be leveraged again
when similar needs arise in future.

If you want to discover how
well you are prepared for outsourcing and how it can work
for your business,  click
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