Part 2: Established ISVs Program Components

Part 2: Established ISVs Program Components

Components for Established ISVs:

ODC Consulting
We bring
to bear over five years of experience and expertise
in offshore software product development for ISVs and
mature ISVs looking to take advantage of the leading-edge
offshore model. Our experienced Program Managers and
onsite Solution Architects can provide vital information
and transfer knowledge that will be invaluable in helping
large ISVs make the right first steps.
Our onsite/offsite/offshore
presence thereafter provides the close interaction necessary
to assist the large ISVs in making that critical and
often underestimated transition to the proper outsourcing
model. There are so many dynamics involved here that
having the right offshore service provider alongside
can prove to be the essential piece that ensures success
and profits.

Processes and Best Practices Selection for Distributed

While large
ISVs have vast resources at their disposal, they also
appreciate the benefits of adapting mature outsourcing
Processes and Best Practices that enable reaching steady
state early and predictably. Altoros has created a software
development process that works best in a distributed/offshore
environment; it is derived from Rational Unified Process,
concepts of Extreme Programming, and Agile Modeling.
This translates to lower costs and stability that is
crucial to ensuring focus on the transition and integration
of the model company-wide. We have translated our eight
experience of doing just this into Best Practices and
Processes that we readily transfer to the benefit of
our large ISV clients.

Engagement Models Selection

We have an
array of engagement models that are available for our
large ISV clients to choose from. Again, this is a reflection
of our flexibility and our philosophy of looking to
build long-term relationships with our clients. We don’t
think our job is done by just helping our ISV clients
set up an offshore operation. Our engagement models
enable us to be with these large ISVs much after that,
if they so desire, so that the benefits continue to
accrue to them.


This approach
enables us to help our clients get improved productivity
from their offshore operations. We know from experience
that establishment of the offshore operation is just
the first step, and there is more to be done to enable
our clients to enjoy the full power of the operation.
Our processes and practices enable this.

HR Practices and Support Services

While engineering
is the lifeblood of an offshore operation, it still
requires mature support services to sustain the success
over time. In a highly competitive market environment,
our HR practices and other support services are available
to our clients, so that they can stay focused on their
core areas of competence. Our HR practices have won
respect in the marketplace and have been recognized
in the industry.

IP Protection Policy and Process

The protection
of our clients’Intellectual Property is of paramount
importance to us. We have a clearly defined policy and
have put in place a process that ensures this is practiced

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