Part 1: Early-Stage Software Companies. Program Overview

Part 1: Early-Stage Software Companies. Program Overview

Proven Solution.
Altoros has helped define and successfully
execute outsourcing strategies for technology companies
that previously found their size, complex technical
requirements, and communication-intensive processes
too great an obstacle to make offshoring work.

Proven Approach.
At Altoros, we understand the unique challenges of an
early-stage software company where the time-to-market
is crucial, products evolve rapidly, processes are immature,
resources are scarce,  and a small delay in getting
to market can break delivery schedules and revenues

Our dual-shore engagement
model has been perfected through dozens of successful
partnerships with both venture-backed and bootstrapped
startups in the US. Our complete set of product lifecycle
services, project accelerators, and large talent pool
of high-end engineers from Russia and Eastern Europe
with expertise in major core software engineering disciplines,
and a culture of investing in emerging technologies
and standards, ensures that right domain expertise is
available when you need it.

As software developers who
are also experts in product development, we’ve been
there. We know how it often works and how it could work.
We know that the structured processes often found in
hardware or tangible product-oriented companies may
not be the right process fit for your company. We know
how to leverage best-in-class product development practices
for software development teams.

Instead of
applying rigid processes, we work with you to assess what
works best in your organization and technological sector
and the unique, creative minds of software engineers and
developers. We work with your software development team,
providing them with deeper insight into customer and market
needs and developing “best practices” that suit
their way of coding, while still allowing for tight schedules.

Applying our collaborative
approach, we:

  • Assess
    your current practices and determine ways to strengthen
  • Work with
    your software development team and approach the process
    from their perspective
  • Involve
    your software development team in learning about customer
    needs first hand, then allow them to create market-leading
    solutions, instead of merely following an often-prescribed
    features requirement set
  • Provide
    best-in-class practices on software scheduling and testing,
    team consensus, and other elements of the process.

What’s right for one software
developer isn’t necessarily right for the next, so we
don’t apply a “cookie cutter” approach. We
use a process that works for the special needs of your
software team.

Our early stage
ISV program allows you to plan and execute strategic offshore
initiatives as an integral part of your operating model.

If you want to discover
how well you prepared for outsourcing and how it can
work for your business,  click
here to schedule an outsourcing readiness assessment

or call (617) 848-5959 to speak with someone from the
Altoros ISV solutions team.


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