Part 1: Emerging Software Companies. Program Overview

Part 1: Emerging Software Companies. Program Overview

Proven Solution.
Altoros has helped define and successfully execute
outsourcing strategies for technology companies that
previously found their size, complex technical requirements,
and communication-intensive processes too great an
obstacle to make offshore work.

Altoros’s outsourced product development
approach enables our clients to focus on what is core
to their business – understanding their clients’ needs
and the markets they serve – while taking advantage
of the quality, time-to-market and cost advantages
of Altoros’s high-end engineering talent. There is
no “typical” software company as each company
is different in organization and style. At Altoros
Systems we take a pragmatic approach to selecting
clients we can benefit the most and working with our
clients to reflect a true partnership in planning
and delivering a strategic offshore execution.
brings years of experience at helping its ISV partners
grow. At Altoros, we believe in true long-term partnerships
where we grow with our ISV clients. We not only provide
a complete set of product lifecycle services, we bring
you the flexibility of ramping up your resources in
a short time, and manage the ramp down when projects
get completed. We believe in investing in understanding
your business, and work with you side-by-side to serve
your customers.
All these
activities compete for scarce resources. Most of these
activities require special expertise and resource
requirements that fluctuate and are often unpredictable.

Altoros’s emerging
ISV program is specifically designed to address
challenges that most ISVs face today. This program
brings emerging ISVs the best practices and a portfolio
of services to overcome these challenges in a way
that is synchronous with the product road map and
budgetary goals of the emerging ISVs. Our emerging
ISV program is a strategic long-term partnership
which provides immediate tactical benefits. As our
understanding of your business grows, you would
find in us a formidable partner who can help you
accelerate your growth.

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