Part 1: Program Overview for Established Software Vendors

Part 1: Program Overview for Established Software Vendors

Proven Solution.
At Altoros, creating and managing offshore
development operations for our ISV clients is our
business. With our four-year, triple-digit growth
in personnel, we know how to recruit, retain, and
manage experienced and talented professionals.

With Altoros
as your partner, you can be sure that your offshore initiatives
will live up to your expectations.

Proven Approach.
Large ISVs also have their own unique needs when looking
at the offshore software product engineering model.
With several large enterprise customers using their
product lines, they want to make sure that the offshore
model does not disrupt existing customer relationships.
Traditionally, this has caused them to embrace the offshore
model later than some of the smaller ISVs. Many major
ISVs have already successfully employed the offshore
model in their software product development roadmap
and Altoros Software has worked with several of them
in these endeavors.

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