Part 1: Information-Driven Enterprises. Program Overview

Part 1: Information-Driven Enterprises. Program Overview

Proven Solution.
At Altoros Systems, our core expertise is to
understand your portfolio from an application management
perspective and discipline. Our specialists implement
disciplined processes that allow consistent management
of your portfolio and application assets.

We blend best-of-breed approaches such
as those of MIT-based industry leader, Peter Weill, author
of “Leveraging the New Infrastructure: How Market Leaders
Capitalize on Information Technology,” to categorize
applications from a financial perspective, and business
concepts from industry veteran Geoffrey Moore, author of
“Living on the Fault Line,” to determine if an
application is a core, context, or utility classification–meaning,
what should be outsourced, retired, upgraded, and insourced
within your portfolio. A combination of these models, along
with Altoros’s tools, processes, and technologies, is used
as a part of our Altoros Enterprise Solution, a pragmatic
approach to meet different application portfolio needs.

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