Proof of Concept for Enterprises

Proof of Concept for Enterprises

Despite the abundance of marketing materials on big data products and cloud systems, it is hard to find any information on their performance in real-life scenarios. The figures provided by vendors are not always helpful, as systems tested on several servers may show considerably higher latencies on hundreds of nodes and especially under heavy loads. As a result, choosing a relevant solution out of hundreds of options becomes a real challenge.


Test on up to hundreds of servers depending on expected load

Serving technology leaders, such as Couchbase, NuoDB, Joyent, RightScale, and others, Altoros provides vendor-independent benchmarking of cloud, NoSQL/NewSQL, and distributed computing technologies to help you build big data products polished and fine-tuned for specific use cases.

Choose the perfect technology stack Select the most appropriate technology stack for your use case out of hundreds of products available on the market.
Achieve your goals without sacrifices Find a solution that meets all of your requirements (performance, scalability, reduced costs, etc.) without sacrificing anything by evaluating the pros and cons of different products.
Improve performance Improve performance, scalability, security, fault tolerance, etc. by simulating various types of load and optimizing your solution.


Proven track record in benchmarking big data tools and cloud technologies

Some of our benchmark studies were published by, NetworkWorld, ComputerWorld, TechWorld, and other online magazines:

Please let us know if you would like to participate in any of our future research.

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