Research and Development Partners

Research and Development Partners

State University

Founded in 1921, BSU is one of the largest Ph.D.-granting
institutions in the former Soviet Union. The university currently
enrolls more than 50,000 undergraduate, professional, graduate,
and doctoral students, and it employs nearly 14,000 faculty
and staff members.


Altoros closely cooperates with the Faculty of Applied
Mathematics and Computer Science of the University. The most
prospective students are further employed by Altoros.

National Technical University

The Belarusian National Technical University is one of the
oldest and largest higher institutions in Belarus and Russia.
Founded in 1920 on the basis of a polytechnical college, the
University is now the leading scientific and educational center
with more then 20.000 students, academic staff of 1500 professors,
senior lecturers, doctors, and candidates of sciences.

Altoros cooperates with the BNTU and provides training of
promising students with the possibility of their further employment
by the company.

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