Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

A Quick Test to Evaluate a Platform’s Exposure to Various Types of Risks

Experience shows that a lot of companies are unaware of potential risks that their Cloud Foundry deployment may face. This may result in continuous downtime or security breaches in case a problem arises. To help organizations address critical issues, engineers at Altoros have developed a risk assessment guide that points to weak spots and provides recommendations on how to mitigate the risks associated with them.

After getting your deployment assessed, you will receive instructions on how to tackle possible risks related to:

  • High availability
  • Logging/Monitoring
  • Applications
  • Overall vision
  • etc.

To evaluate what risks your current Cloud Foundry deployment is likely to be exposed to, answer the following questions.

Cloud Foundry Distribution*
Version of the Distribution
Attention: possible risk
Size of the Platform (all enviroments)
Attention: possible risk
Number of Apps on the Platform
Attention: possible risk
Iaas Level*
* - Obligatory field
The submitted information will not be handed over to any third party and is aimed at optimization of the Cloud Foundry Professional Services delivery by Altoros. Based on the survey, aggregated risk assessment results will be used in Altoros’ practice and published to provide organizations with guidelines to follow when enhancing their deployments.
Companies that took part in the survey will be be granted priority access to the aggregated survey results.

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