Salesforce CRM Consulting and Support

Salesforce CRM Consulting and Support

Forrester found that two-thirds of CRM users are unhappy with their existing systems and make complaints on the ease of use; more than 50% are not satisfied with their CRM’s return on investment (ROI). The problem mostly lies in a lack of necessary system customization, process improvement, support, training, and seamless integration with corporate infrastructure.

Altoros can help accelerate time to market and improve return on investment (ROI) for technology-driven organizations that standardize on Salesforce CRM and the AppExchange platform. During the last three years, our experts addressed the limitations of by developing migration and integration tools around Salesforce CRM. A proven, phased, and carefully documented Altoros’s approach helped our customers implement high- and low-level design, development, testing, upgrades, and user support, aligning their sales force CRM systems with customer needs, key processes, and business goals.

Services provided:

  • Customization of workflow
  • Process automation
  • Migration from/to another CRM packages, such as ACT!, GoldMine, SugarCRM, MS Dynamics, Oracle CRM, etc.
  • Data backup
  • Custom development of Salesforce CRM extensions
  • Integration with other automation systems (including ERP, Accounting, Human Resource Management, Data Storage, Project Management tools, etc.)

What are the benefits to your company?

  • Extensive experience in Salesforce CRM application development, data integration, customization, and porting (Altoros is the founder of Apatar, popular open source data integration project that links data between Salesforce CRM and third-party apps.)
  • Deep knowledge of API, Apex, and Custom Object standards
  • Lower costs of consulting and software development by using Salesforce CRM experts who reside in Eastern Europe
  • A proven, phased, scalable, and carefully documented enablement approach to eliminate delayed product releases, avoid additional costs, and reduce market and technology risks
  • Flexibility in the size of the consulting team
  • Improved time to market, shortened customization life-cycle, and ability to target more aggressive deadlines
  • Unique performance assessment system that allows motivating team members for constant improvement, tracking their individual progress, and preventing them from spending billable hours ineffectively.

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