Enablement Services for ISVs Enablement Services for ISVs

Accelerate Time-to-Market and Eliminate
Cost Overruns through a Leverage of Expert Enablement

Altoros specializes in providing high-end product development
and migration services to ISVs. Combining a laser focus on product
development, expert architects and engineers, and
mature development processes tailored for products, Altoros has
helped emerging and established ISVs to successfully develop,
migrate and manage their products on the AppExchange platform. Enablement Services

Developing products for with Altoros is not
just making the same functionality available on a new platform
faster; it is an opportunity to improve quality and manageability
of your applications.

  • Proven enablement methodology
    By partnering with Altoros, you can tap into a proven,
    phased, and carefully documented enablement
    approach to eliminate delayed product releases, avoid additional
    costs, and reduce market and technology risks.
  • Product Development Expertise
    The technology leaders Hewlett-Packard, Sony, R.R. Donnelley,
    and Autodesk leverage Altoros’s exclusive focus on software
    product development to accelerate software release cycles,
    reduce technology risks, and concentrate in-house resources
    on core business initiatives.
  • Improved Productivity
    Altoros has already invested in tailoring the entire
    software development life cycle for quick and easy deployment
    of products on the Apex platform. Altoros has
    addressed the limitations of API by developing
    migration and integration tools around API.
    Altoros is committed to assuring your investment in a new
    product by combining increased development efficiencies of
    global software engineering model and unmatched predictability. Advantage

Altoros can help you break the learning curve and limitations
of API and make deployment of AppExchange-tailored
applications faster and easier than ever. Object-oriented architectures,
high degree of language interoperability, reliance on open standards
such as XML, and SOAP and deep knowledge of API,
Apex and Custom Object standards make Altoros a provider of choice
for development of new, and porting of existing software products
for many Independent Software Vendors and SaaS (Software as a
Service) Providers.

Altoros Enablement Services Benefits:

  • Accelerate Time-to-Market
  • Focus Internal Resource on Core
  • Increased Developer Productivity
  • Richer User Experience
  • Offline capabilities using Smart Client technologies
  • Integrated reporting and analytics using
  • Business process automation and integration using Web Services
  • Reduced Cost of Maintenance

Altoros Enablement Services for ISVs:

  • High-Level Design
  • Low-Level Design
  • Development & Testing
  • Maintenance/Enhancements
  • End-user Support

Altoros Difference

Development of new applications for is not the
same as new application development or porting an existing application
to SAP ERP. Unlike most consultants and contractors, Altoros
brings you a proven, phased, scalable, and carefully documented enablement approach.

Altoros’s enablement framework guides each and
every enablement project from start to finish,
ensuring that the entire process is predictable and efficient.

Altoros’s enablement methodology supports the
full spectrum of typical activities that constitute a new development
or porting project – migration goals, impact study, deliverables,
size and complexity of the project.

During the last five years, partnership with Altoros allowed
companies such as Autodesk, Hewlett-Packard and Sony to accelerate
new revenue generation by focusing in-house resources on core
strategic business initiatives while Altoros manages the product
development, testing, and maintenance activities.

Reduce Risks

Altoros brings you the tools and roadmap to eliminate cost
overruns and avoid delayed releases through a leverage of a proven enablement methodology.

1. Impact Study
  • Understanding the existing system and its development
  • Cost-benefit/Risk Analysis
  • Establishing design goals for the new system
  • Preparing a migration strategy and project plan with timeline
2. Reverse Engineering
  • Program-level code walk-through and detailed analysis
  • Recovering and reconstructing functional specification
    document and other high level artifacts of the existing system
3. Migration and Unit Testing, Integration and System
  • Low-level Apex design
  • Migrating the existing application code to Apex
  • Unit testing/module testing/system testing/ integration
    testing and user acceptance testing
4. Release; Transition to a Support and Warranty
  • Reviewing results of user acceptance testing and initiate
    corrective action
  • Release procedures as per Release Plan
  • Releasing the new application

To learn more about how Altoros can help your company take
advantage of the platform, call (617) 848-5959.

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