SDLC Improvement for Distributed Teams

SDLC Improvement for Distributed Teams

According to Gartner (2005), “20% of outsourcing deals do not produce cost savings, with 50% of all outsourcing projects falling short of delivering the expected value and being deemed unsuccessful”.

Historically, distributed and outsourced engineering brought many:

  • Difficulty in collaborating due to geographically distributed locations
  • Time zones differences
  • Lack of understanding of business, software and technical requirements
  • Language barriers
  • Cultural difference
  • Lack of informal, inter-personal collaboration
  • Lack of synchronization of development processes

Unless you are somehow miraculously or continuously lucky, chances are that your organization is facing significant challenges with implementation of outsourced projects.

Outsourced software development initiative require greater better project governance capabilities, greater management involvement, tools that bring day-to-day visibility into project health-related metrics, and a collaborative working relationship with the vendor organization based upon earned trust and mutual respect.

Most likely your organization is facing additional challenges from a SDLC perspective given the fact that none of the currently popular software development methodologies such as Agile, Unified, Waterfall, Scrum or XP were developed in the context of offshore projects or globally distributed teams.

When so many options that exist out there, how do you adopt your software development life cycle for outsourced projects?

Our Solution, Your Benefits

Altoros’s SDLC Improvement for Distributed Teams service is designed to implement best practices in distributed and outsourced software development into your existing development environment and processes across the entire life cycle from requirements management to design and architecture, from development to testing and maintenance.

Altoros will develop and implement a set of documents, procedures and management practices for use with outsourced software development that ensure effective communication and process synergy.

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