Cloud Engineer / Trainer
March 29, 2017 by Training team

Oleg Abdrashitov

Oleg heads the Blockchain Practice at Altoros and the Requirements Working Group at Hyperledger.

Oleg’s career spans 20 years in software development for the financial services companies. He has built systems supporting high frequency trading, middle office and online exchanges.

Oleg has worked at top investment banks, hedge funds and has founded startups and consultancies. He is currently engaged by clients in finance and insurance to train engineers and architects on blockchain.

Together with team Altoros, Oleg won the blockchain hackathon at Consensus 2016 with Decentralized Energy Utility Project, and led delivery of a number of blockchain solutions. Some of the prototypes can be found in Hyperledger’s demo directory: Distributed Clearing Platform For Derivatives, and Bond Issuance and Trading. The most recent project Oleg has been working on is Commercial Bonds Platform.

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