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Hyperledger Fabric Administrator Training: Configuring and Running a Network


Day 1: Theory




  • Intro to the blockchain technology
  • Public and private blockchains
  • The Hyperledger Project and an overview of its core frameworks

Hyperledger Fabric concept and fundamentals

  • An architecture, a consensus mechanism, and a transaction flow
  • Fabric CA and Membership Service Provider (MSP)
  • Anatomy of configuration files and crypto material
  • Smart contracts (chaincode)

Application life cycle management

  • Chaincode installation and instantiation
  • Endorsement policy configuration and change
  • Management of private data collections
  • Chaincode modification or upgrade

Day 2: Practice



Hyperledger Fabric configuration and deployment automation

  • Designing an enterprise solution based on Fabric
  • Setting up a Hyperledger Fabric network in a developer mode (on a single host)
  • Multi-host Fabric Starter with the Solo-Orderer and a Kafka cluster

Use CLI commands to manage the dApp running on Fabric

  • Customizing the application
  • Reconfiguring the network: adding a new channel and chaincode
  • Adding new Organizations to the channel
  • Troubleshooting the network: analyzing peer logs

Use Hyperledger Caliper to measure performance of your blockchain

Practice with PoCs and learn about the chaincode logic

  • Supply chain management: assets origin and transfer
  • OTC trading platform: peer-to-peer direct deals

Practical advice: How to start a corporate blockchain project

  • Prototyping the distributed ledger(s) for each channel
  • Defining the sources of all types of the  data
  • Drawing the diagrams of all business processes: the Actors, and how they are supposed to interact with the ledger(s)
  • Describing algorithms for the chaincode for each channel
  • Questions about the program or required skills? Chat with us!

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