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Cloud Foundry for DevOps

Day 1

Topic Description
Main Concepts of Cloud Foundry
  • What is Cloud Foundry?
  • Why is Cloud Foundry a major player in the PaaS world?
  • Cloud Foundry architecture
  • Getting help
Deploy BOSH
  • BOSH architecture
  • Installing the BOSH CLI
  • Initializing an environment (for BOSH and CF)
  • Deploying BOSH
Deploy Cloud Foundry
  • Deploying Cloud Foundry using BOSH 2.0
  • Running deployment jobs
  • Verifying results using CATs


Day 2

Topic Description
Cloud Foundry Quick Start
  • Connecting to the Cloud Foundry API
  • Creating a user
  • Creating an organization
  • Creating a space
  • Setting permissions to a space
  • Targeting an org and a space
  • Deploying an application
  • Viewing logs
  • Scaling applications
Cloud Foundry Org and Space Management
  • Managing organizations
  • Getting info about an organization
  • Targeting organizations
  • Getting info about spaces
  • Modifying and deleting spaces
Quota Management in Cloud Foundry
  • Quota structure
  • Listing quotas
  • Getting quota info
  • Creating and managing quotas
  • Modifying quotas
  • Deleting quotas
  • Assigning quotas
  • Space quotas
Using Cloud Foundry Security Groups
  • Structure
  • Security groups scopes
  • Creating security groups
  • Binding security groups
  • Viewing security groups
  • Managing security groups


Day 3

Topic Description
Learn how the BOSH Director and the Agent work
  • SSH into running VMs created by BOSH
  • Investigating logs and BOSH Agent settings
  • Seeing how the BOSH Director talks to a BOSH Agent in real time
  • What is a buildpack?
  • The structure of a buildpack
  • Creating a custom buildpack
High Availability
  • An HA deployment
  • Rolling updates
  • Scaling Cloud Foundry
  • Web app SSO
  • Configuring TLS and HTTPS
  • Security key management (PKI)
  • Security inside a CF cluster
  • Secure network configuration

Day 4

Topic Description
Advanced Cloud Foundry CLI Usage
  • What are CF CLI plugins?
  • How can I install a CF CLI plugin?
  • Several useful plugins for listing available resources, simplifying blue-green deployments and other tasks
  • How to delete unnecessary plugins?
  • Tracing API calls
  • CLI plugins
  • Raw API requests
  • Debugging techniques: cf apps, cf events, and cf logs recent
  • Remote debugging in CF
  • Troubleshooting containerized services
Concourse automation
  • Concourse basics
  • Running a simple Concourse Pipelines to deploy a service

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