Unmatched Talent

Unmatched Talent

Unmatched Talent You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

Why Hi-End Development Talent Teams Matter to ISVs

Offshore service companies operate successful
models that structure development teams pyramid-style according
to cost. Management ratios typically are in the range of one
project manager to 19 team members. Under this model, the
more inexperience loaded into the team, the higher the margins.
This practice is sufficient for most of the work that goes
offshore from large enterprises because it is carefully spec’d
out, highly repetitive, and only needs to show ROI, not competitive
edge in the market.

The hiring policies, team models, and
management practices of most offshore providers are not designed
to build smart teams, they are designed to build low-cost
teams. As many technology product companies are quickly learning,
this model rarely provides financial return or strategic value
for their needs.

The Altoros Difference

Altoros’s customers are product-oriented
companies with more innovative technologies and problem-intensive
work. They require a greater degree of fundamental mathematical
and engineering education, talent, experience, collaboration,
and understanding of market concepts within their engineering
teams. Altoros builds productive, efficient, and experienced
teams capable of contributing real value to your company by
selecting and nurturing the sort of highly skilled, best-in-class
talent in Russia and Belarus that you will not find anywhere
else. Our developers have best-in-class fundamental mathematical
and computer science degrees from leading East-European IT
Universities. They are accountable, highly-motivated, and
solution-oriented, and they deliver value to our customers
beyond a competitive hourly rate because of their unmatched
problem-solving capabilities.

Experience Counts

In the context of product development, collaboration
between teams is essential. Altoros’s engineers average 7-8
years of experience – much higher than the industry
average – to ensure that collaboration is meaningful
and instructive. We know that experience and insight increases
the competitive benefit of your outsourcing strategy and contributes
intellectual capital back into your in-house teams.

Building Quality Teams

Altoros uses its understanding of the product
development environment and its appreciation for what works
offshore to screen and select professional engineers who will
make your offshore team a well-functioning, easily managed,
high performance unit. We know what works.

We also understand the need for rate
sensitivity in our clients, and look to build teams that are
the optimal mix of low cost and high performance. We assess
teams continuously and work closely with our clients to develop
and keep great teams.

Altoros offers ISVs the expertise of a focused, experienced
partner, deploying the right capabilities offshore in a
way that makes financial sense and yields superior results.

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